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Suga Dust is a brand new company specialising in decorating, designing and customising a range of different items to your exact specification. I can customise anything from bags, purses, mirrors and phone cases to wallets, jewellery, clothes, shoes and much more. I can customise anything! I also create a range of different accessories such as rings all of which can be found on this website!


The products found in my "Gallery" are all my own unique designs. They are all products which I have created for other people based on what they wanted and so these are just some of the examples of my work. Therefore please contact me if you would like similar items or if you have a specific item in mind which you would like customised and we can discuss the details from there i.e. theme/colour etc. Once details are finalised, I can begin designing! Feel free to email me in either English or Japanese.


The items listed in "Shop" are a range of different jewellery/accessories/phone cases etc which again, are my own unique designs and which I created. All are available for purchase right now! I am always creating new items so every time a new item is completed it will be added to the "Shop" and you will be able to purchase it right here! Stay tuned for more phone cases, jewellery as well as bags, jackets, hats and much more!


Don't hesitate and own your very own handmade items today and be the envy of all of your friends. Hey, everyone needs some Suga Dust in their lives! It makes life that little bit more sweeter!


Also, be sure to check out my etsy store too:

Love, Destiny Rose




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